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About Us - Chateau Rouge Fine Foods
I started Chateau Rouge with a passion for exquisite tasting, best quality 100% Organic food and drink products. Having lived and travelled in Europe and Asia for a number of years, I wanted to create a brand and range of fine foods that reflect my love for travel and high-quality, authentic 'real foods'.

We want to create products that not only taste fantastic, but are beautifully packaged, sustainable and fair-trade - honest, wholesome food products. Each with a unique history of where it comes from, who made it, what makes it special.
  • 100% Artisan: Sourced direct, made by small producers
  •  100% Natural: Highest quality organic & natural ingredients 
  •  Sustainability & Environment: We're a 1% for the Planet member, all our packaging is recyclable and 97% plastic free!
  •  Delicious (Always): We only create products we love and use ourselves everyday - why else would we!
  • Artisanal: Sourced direct, made by small producers
  • 100% Natural: Highest quality real, natural ingredients 
  •  Sustainability & Environment: We're a 1% for the Planet member, all our packaging is recyclable and 97% plastic free!
  •  Delicious (Always): Only create products we love and use ourselves every day!
We're a small family business that cares - working closely with all our suppliers and hands-on in the production of all our products – we have a driving passion for delivering the best we can.
Seán Farrell - Founder, Chateau Rouge Fine Foods
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Nice honey thanks guys, it beats buying the only raw honey I can find in sainsburys for like £18, although that was good too. But this just as good and way cheaper. Nice packaging and presentation too.
Sami Niyazi
This is actually the second time I bought this chocolate because it simply the best!
EddieMae Clendenin
The tea is fabulous, well packaged and arrived as expected.
Tony Muller
My order arrived promptly and the product was beautifully packaged. I ordered the teabags and loose leaf tea and have only tried the teabags. This is the best earl grey tea I have tasted
Sharen Trebacz
For me and my kids a delicacy. Your granddaughter says: please, once again, pour the sandwich! Beautiful smell, fine taste, not too sweet - Yum Yum! :-)
Pavel Rimak
This is the most pure smooth natural tasting organic honey I have ever tasted I love it on natural yogurt and it's so soothing in boiled water and fresh lemon slices and so beautifully packed.
Robert J.
I've tried lots of different brands of Earl Grey tea and for me this one is by far the most superior. It is refreshing and subtlety fragranced and is the perfect tea for any time of the day!
Jacqueline Jackson
This is the best quality hot chocolate I've ever tried. I would say it's another level of hot chocolate. If you love hot chocolate and looking for something better than what you can buy at the shop, this may be the one, and an excellent gift for chocolate lovers.
Timothy Hong
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Q: Are all the products organic?
Our teas and fruit jams are 100% Organic. The jams are 100% fruit content and made without added cane sugar. Our English honey is 100% raw, course filtered and unpastuerised. Our coffee and hot chocolates are currently not organic.
Q: What sizes do you have available?
All our teas and hot chocolates come in 2 tins sizes and also in refill/catering pouches. Our teas are mostly available loose or tea bags. All jams and honey come individually in boxes of 12 or also in gift sets of 2 jars each.
Q: Are you planning new products?
Yes! We will be extending current lines as well as launching new products in 2019.
Q: What is the shelf life?
We produce frequently in smaller batches so are able to offer maximum shelf life on our products. Teas and jams have 3 years, while all opther products have 2 years shelf lives.
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